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Note - This site, inaugurated in an exceedingly modest form on January 23, 2012(Monday), a singularly auspicious day( being the 116th Birthday of Netaji), is expected to grow with time. The readers are requested to kindly contribute towards its development in all possible ways viz. pointing out errors if any, suggesting improvements, forwarding articles, posting their views in the social networking sites etc.

Acknowledgement - The author wishes to put on record his indebtedness to his wife Runu for her all round support; to Prof. Purabi Roy and Mr. Girish Chandra Maity for their help in acquiring knowledge regarding Netaji and related matters; to Prof. Debabrata Roy, Prof. Subrata Roy and Prof. Ramaprasad Dey for rendering highly positive encouragement and to the management and staff members of Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture LIbrary, Kolkata for excellent services. Thanks are also due to Mr. Satyajit Chatterjee, Mrs. Anusree Sen, Mr. Rajsekhar Nag and Mrs. Tanushri Ghosh Dastidar for their assistance in computer usage; to Mrs. Mala Banerjee and Mrs. Sanchita Sen for helping in literary matters; and many others for providing moral support.